Protect Your DSLR with Body Armor

I don’t know about you, but if it weren’t for the protective case on my smartphone, it would have probably needed to be replaced a long time ago. If cell phones have protective skins and cases, why shouldn’t cameras? Camera Armor is a protective case that’s custom designed for each separate DSLR model, and is available for both Canon and Nikon bodies — and a few others as well.

In addition to the silicon body skin, the system also includes protection for your lens, LCD screen, and other individual components of your kit. The cost of this protection is $40, which is pretty cheap compared to some of the novelty items we’ve featured here.

Camera Armor (via Doobybrain)

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    This would be appealing to me because aside from protection, it would conceal what kind of camera you have, making you less of a target for cam snatching. Too bad they don’t have more supported models, like the expensive cameras you really would want to protect.

  • Anonymous

    @Daniel – it still looks like an SLR so I doubt the would-be thief would really dismiss it if they cannot see what make it was.

    I think the BodyArmour is ugly and adds unneeded bulk. I have yet to see a professional photographer (wedding, sports, fashion etc) use BodyArmour on their dSLRs anywhere in the field.

    Reading their website, it’s to suppress bumps or help prevent scratches. I don’t know about you, but anything I’ve put a protective cover on (such as a silicon skin for my iPhone) still gets scratches, nicks, bumps and bruises. Removing the cover on my iPhone shows all the various scratches and marks from trapped dust/dirt.

    Who here has ever used or have seen one of these BodyArmours actually in use?

  • GeorgeS

    I have a d90 and big hands so not only does the camera armour guard against bumps and scratches it makes the camera fit in my hand better. I think this is a great product. As far as ugly I dont think so. It still looks like a camera. I think some people like to show what brand they use. 2 thumbs up for Camera Armour

  • groovy

    the wear and tear on cell phones is different. its carried in our pockets all the time. i carry my 5dmkii everywhere, but its safely nestled in my messenger bag with padded inserts. if i carried my phone as carefully as i carry my camera, it wouldnt need a case either. fwiw, i dont even use a case on my blackberry and its held up fine for almost two years. just dont put your keys in the same pocket, thats all.

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  • Erik Stensland

    I’m a professional nature photographer and I use this Body Armor for my 5Dii. Despite the incredible abuse I give my camera in the mountains and deserts the camera looks almost new when I take the armor off. It does make the camera more bulky, but for me it is very worth the extra weight and bulk.

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  • Mike Pallas

    I guess if you were using an expensive camera in a riot situation then it would be useful, or some sort of outdoor activity that increased the likelihood of a severe knock. For 90% of situations I reckon it’s way over the top and a bit paranoid.

  • Captain bawllaxio wad diddi wa

    Just use electrical tapes. Tape your camera. The sticky stuff doesnt even leave a mark