Creative Portrait Idea with the New Facebook Profile Page

Why stick with a boring old Facebook picture when you can use the new photo strip as part of a larger, more creative portrait? That’s exactly what Alexandre Oudin did with his.

Wanna know how to make your own? Here’s a video tutorial by xadacka:

(via Photojojo)

  • Ivan Cabrera

    Wow that’s a clever idea.

  • Jeannie

    that’s fun!

  • Arild Orholm

    Another one here, with video

  • lloyd

    everybodys doing it, quick everybody else do it. sheep

    follow me on facebook

  • ac

    I know some people used the 5 photos together, and stiched the picture of ken rockwell with the lens. :)

  • Flgraphics

    does it get messed up as soon as someone else tags you in a photo though?

  • Georgios

    Yes, but you can click the “x” on the photo and remove it from the strip.

  • David Johnstone

    That’s a great idea! And I just had to copy it…

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  • Anonymous

    Not to be a hater, but people do this on every site I know of that puts your photos in a row or grid (MM, myspace, OMP, etc). This guy was the first on facebook (that we know of), but the fact that it’s up so soon after the debut of the new site layout shows that this ain’t exactly rocket science.

  • Jeff

    That is very cool! Nice work and thanks for sharing.

  • Mark Tanjutco

    Hey a friend of mine and I made a free iPhone app that helps you make these cool profiles. You can find Frames for Facebook on iTunes here:

    And you can learn about the app by watching the demo on YouTube here:

    Also, our app profile page on FB is here: We’d appreciate any FB “Likes” you could send our way! Thanks in advance. We love seeing this new form of self-expression on Facebook and we wanted to help people do it more easily. :)

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  • Lbellani

    I ve done it on a profile and it worked but when i tried to do it on a fan page the pics won t get the correct order to show on the 5 pics of the profile….