Time-Lapse Motion Control Using a BBQ Rotisserie Motor

While adding movement to time-lapse videos is cool, the special equipment (e.g. dollies, cranes, etc…) you need can be pricey. Derek Mellott couldn’t afford to shell out hundreds of bucks for a dolly, so he decided to make his own using things found in his garage. His resulting setup included tripods, a cable management tray, a TI-calculator as an intervalometer, and a BBQ rotisserie motor to slowly pull the camera along.

As another experiment, Mellott decided to add a stick to the tripod head. When the stick came in contact with the tree nearby, it began rotating the camera, adding additional motion to the resulting time-lapse video:

If simple movement is what you’re after, a simple DIY project like this can save you hundreds of bucks while providing similar results.


  • Taptanium

    I have the exact same TI calculator on my desk. This can only mean I have to built this thing too ;)

  • ac

    I have the newer TI-84, but I also programmed it as an intervalometer. :P
    I like the idea, this will be useful if I ever do moving time lapses in the future

  • Ninoventura

    Hi there. . .How do you guys do this? can you teach me? I have a canon 7d