Futuristic Concept Camera Captures Entire Perspectives at Once

It’s always fun thinking about what photography will be like in the future, and the direction camera technology will go. What’s even cooler is seeing these ideas turned into concept drawings or videos. The Capture180 is a concept camera by Lucas Ainsworth that takes a 180° hemispheric photograph with each exposure in addition to the ordinary, framed photograph. When viewing the photographs with the camera, you can “knock” the camera into a viewing mode in which it acts as a small window into the giant scene that was captured.

The video below should give you a better idea into how this camera would be used:

Maybe further down the road we’ll have 360° floating, spherical cameras that we’ll be able to deploy to capture a super high-resolution view of any location, allowing us to project the scene and view it as if we were actually standing at that location. That would be awesome.

Capture180 Concept Camera (via Pocket-lint)

  • Cedric Chone

    I guess we could all do the same by shooting at the widest and cropping later.

  • Taptanium

    Awesome concept! But I’m 90% sure I’ve already seen the usage of accelerometers to drive a panorama viewport on an iPhone or iPod touch. Can’t remember the name of the app though. The coolest thing about this is the video itself. Too bad they messed up the awesome sound design after 1:14.

  • Flgraphics

    that is an amazing concept!

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