Vintage Camera Bookends for Propping Up Your Photo Books

Want something fancy to prop up your growing collection of photography books? These snazzy vintage camera bookends sell for $50 on Amazon, and could also make a fun gift for your favorite photography-enthusiast bookworm.

Vintage Camera Bookends (via MCP Actions)

  • Konstantin

    If you still have room on your bookshelves, and a spare $50, buy some more books.

  • Nev

    Ive seen these for $10 each at Winners. Theyre cool cause they open up and you can stash things inside but the chrome comes off very easily. Cheaply made.

  • Santa Galimgereyeva


  • Mine_canada

    Have to agree with Nev there. Picked a couple up at Winners/Homesense as well as some camera shaped boxes (look exactly the same without the bookend bit) for less than $20