Polaroid Teaser for CES 2011 Points at New Instant Camera

Polaroid is sending out the above teaser, informing people of a special event the company will be holding at CES 2011 next month. While the teaser as-is isn’t very revealing, enhancing the image brings out some interesting details.

As you can see, the device in the image appears to have a lens, flash, and slot at the bottom, suggesting that come January 6th, there might be a brand new Polaroid instant camera for Polaroid fans to drool over. Lets cross our fingers.

(via Engadget)

  • Holly


  • Philip Mitchell

    I hope so. It would be a smart move considering how popular polariod instant cameras have become in the last decade because of retro things being cool.

    Also I hope this means polariod film is in higher demands and comes down in price.

  • Santa Galimgereyeva


  • Flickrman

    Welcome back, Polaroid! We wish you all success!

  • Photosophy

    Looks kinda like Jonny Ives has been moonlighting over at Polaroid. :D

    I hope that isn’t the final design…it seems a tad cinderblock like.

    I’d have put the film cartridge vertical with prints ejecting out the bottom, and on the back an LCD display.

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