Girl Aging Ten Years in Ninety Seconds

Noah Kalina’s famous “everyday” project spanned six years of his life, but began when he was 19 years old. “Natalie Time Lapse” is similar, but begins when the subject is born and ends when she is ten years old. Even though the pose and expression are far from being as precise as in Kalina’s video, it’s quite interesting watching someone go from newborn to ten-year-old.

  • Animesh


  • Anonymous

    Doing this with my kids… been going for about a year and a half. It’s fun… but unfortunately no way to speed up the project to finish it. :)

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    I’ve always wanted to do one of these!

  • Lsjadhjajdfsad

    thanx a million… Im a photografpher an has a daughter who is 19days old today…. I love to reap of yu idea…!!!! starting to day

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  • Taptanium


  • Yelped

    Its natural to age….but who told not to smile as much as before, as she grew???

    Is getting serious called ageing?

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