‘The Presidents Photographer’ by PBS

The PBS documentary that we mentioned yesterday is actually available online in its entirety. If you’d like to see what it’s like being the official photographer to the President of the United States, then this 20 55 minute program will be very interesting to you. Check out the 20 minute excerpt embedded above or through the link below.

The Presidents Photographer – Full Program

Thanks for the heads up, Andy!

  • Matthew Price

    wow.. the first 30 seconds of the shameless marketing for Obama and his campaign was unnecessary.. but loved the information about the Photographer.

  • Gordon Boddington

    Does this documentary include the now infamous Charles Ommany of the real housewives of DC fame?

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  • Jim Orfitelli

    What size lens did Pete Sousa use mostly. Saw the show on PBS the other night Loved it.
    Jim orfitelli