Posts Published in November 2010

Instax Mini Print Playing Card Deck

Sarah Ann created this beautiful full deck of 52 playing cards using Instax Mini instant film prints. Each card is a unique, and is a photograph of the card it represents.
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Use a Rubber Band to Pan More Smoothly

Here’s a quick tip by Vimeo user Braxton McCarthy: use rubber bands when panning and tilting on a tripod to make the movement smoother.

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LG L-03C is a 12-Megapixel Camera that Doubles as a Phone

If you thought the Panasonic Lumix phone looked like a camera, check out the new LG L-03C. The 12-megapixel camera has a 3x zoom lens by Pentax, a Xenon flash, a 3-inch LCD, ISO that goes up to 3200, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/3G capabilities, and 720p video recording. Oh, and did we mention it makes calls?

A lot of people are going to be confused in the future when they see people holding compact cameras up to their ears. The L-03C will be available in Japan sometime in January.

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Broken Lens Repurposed as a Flower Pot

Have a busted lens that isn’t worth repairing? Instead of throwing it away, you can turn it into a flower pot! Kenneth Yung has a series of photos showing how he did this with his broken Nikon 18-55mm lens (translation here). This can definitely add a fun touch to any boring workspace!

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Viewing a 2.3 Gigapixel Photograph of the Burj Dubai

In the future when DSLR cameras shoot at 2.3 gigapixels, this is how we’ll be viewing photos on a computer. You can browse the image yourself here (1.9GP version).

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Compare Lens Results with the Flickriver Lens Explorer

If you’re looking into buying a certain lens, you might be interested in seeing what kind of photography other people have done with that lens. Flickriver’s Lens Explorer page is a pretty easy way to quickly look through example photographs on Flickr that were captured with a specific lens. Just choose a brand and model, and begin browsing the river!

Pentax K-5 Head and Shoulders Above Other APS-C Sensors just published their review of the Pentax K-5 sensor, finding that it was superior to every other APS-C sensor they’ve tested:

No need for suspense: this new 16.3 MP sensor is simply the best APS-C we have tested so far, sometimes able to compete even with very high-end full-frame cameras.

The overall score of the K5 puts it in the lead with 82 points — more than 9 points better than the D90 or the Alpha 55, and 16 points ahead of the Canon 7D or 60D. The K5 is literally the best APS-C performer for each segment, even in low ISO.

(via The Online Photographer)

What Photoshop Might Be Like on Mobile Computing Devices

Here are a couple mockups by MacRumors showing what Photoshop might look like on mobile computing devices like the iPad or iPhone. Adobe recently published a presentation they did on various things they’re exploring with such devices. An example was using Content Aware Fill to modify a scene by painting over objects to be removed using your finger.
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Going Grayscale as a Halloween Costume

For Halloween these Boing Boing readers decided to open themselves up in Photoshop and press Shift+Ctrl+U (or Shift+Command+U on a Mac).
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Spy T-Shirt with a Built-In Spy Camera

ThinkGeek is selling a spy-themed T-shirt with a twist — the camera being used by the spy in the design is actually a working camera. The Electric Spy Camera Shirt shoots 640 x 480 images (storing about 150) with a remote you can use while having it tucked away in your pocket. It costs $40 from the ThinkGeek store.