Aviary Launches HTML5 Photo Editor for Flash-less Browsers

Aviary just launched a new HTML5 photo editor that lets you quickly and easily edit images without Flash. Third-party websites can also embed the editor, allowing images to be edited in place without having to visit Aviary’s website. The widget provides some basic features expected from image editors (e.g. cropping, brightness, contrast, saturation), but also some Hipstamatic-style image filters (instant, toy camera, old photo, retro) that style your photos with a single click.

HTML5 Editor (via Lifehacker)

  • Anonymous

    It may be worth mentioning that the Hipstamatic-style image filters you mention (instant, toy camera, old photo, retro) are done using Flash. For example if you click the “Instant!” button, a Polaroid_v02.swf file is loaded and Flash is used to apply the effect.

    Aviary has said that they do it that way as a stop gap solution until they move the processing for those effects to the server.

    So currently, the Aviary HTML5 Photo Editor is not “Flash-less”.