Steel Ball and Sand in Slow Motion

Another entry for our list of “random things made awesome by slow motion”: here’s a video of a steel ball being dropped into fine sand heated to about 500° C, at which point it takes on strange liquid properties. Be sure to also check out the water drop at 2000 fps video we posted in the beginning of the year if you haven’t seen it.

  • Photosophy

    It’s like the giant cliffs on Venus…without water present within the strata or on the surface structure of rock material, it takes on radically different properties.Curiously, in this case, dessicated sand exhibits unbound properties of fluid water.Neat!

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  • young

    Why Venus?  We have seen the same phenomena here on Earth in which landslides extend far beyond the range that one would expect when the simpler rules of physics are applied.  The best example is probably the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens.  The energy of the blast caused the debris to flow like a river through the valley sweeping up everything in it’s path.