Kuwait Bans the Use of DSLR Cameras in Public Places

Update: Turns out this story wasn’t true.

If you think photographers’ rights in the US or UK are bad, get a load of this: Kuwait is now banning the use of DSLR cameras in public places for everyone except accredited journalists. Three ministries (information, social affairs, and finance) issued the joint ban last week, but strangely ignored the use of other cameras and forms of photography, meaning that citizens can still shoot publicly with compact cameras and camera-equipped phones.

The Kuwait Times writes,

What most Kuwaiti photographers have come to wonder is how such a decision could be reached by authorities, especially considering that digital cameras and cell phone cameras have the same abilities. What most people think of photography as a hobby has become a bit misguided due to the fact that the country has so little exposure to art. While using a DSLR, passersby may wonder if the camera is being used for the wrong reasons.

Mohammed Al-Eisa, who picked up photography as a hobby more than 10 years ago, said that he has decided to take photos of animals or still life due to the fact that these subjects don’t mind having their picture taken and don’t make a scene. “I started facing problems the very first day I bought my camera,” Mohammed added.

If you’re a photographer in Kuwait, it might be time to look into EVIL cameras — just be prepared to have a fun time explaining the difference to authorities.

Image credit: Kuwait cosmopolis – don’t miss the details – zoom in by SnapĀ®

  • Nicholas Erwin

    This is so stupid. Photography is art too! So their saying ART is wrong? I hope that doesn’t happen to the USA, there would be no point in me living anymore.

  • Film rocks!

    Wouldn’t it be great to have next year’s pinhole camera conference in Kuwait!

  • addorange

    And I ban Kuwait from being a country. Time to draw another red swastika shaped cross on my world map.

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  • derJake

    Leica-time for Kuwait!

  • Anonymous

    So they can shoot any film, or Leica digitals! Dumb.

  • Miloartist

    Wouldn’t want to be the Nikon or Canon DSLR dealer in Kuwait

  • Uaiocervantes

    Human stupidity is beyond limits!

  • Justin Javellana

    DSLR’s are banned? I’ll use my Nikon F60 instead. It’s an SLR, just not digital. :p

  • cavale

    how about TLR’s or SLR’s?

  • Celso

    savages they are…

  • Moayad H

    The news about the DSLR photography ban in Kuwait turned out to be incorrect.

    Kuwait Times retracted the news:

    It would be nice of you if you can write an update accordingly.

  • photographerEUbudapest

    All this story seems to be a misleading hoax. Unfortunately some guys calling themselves journalists are too lazy to go after their story and check their rumors before making up such bullshit about it.

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  • Roman

    “Authorities” in every country can’t keep up with reality. Maybe it is time for them to retire…