Add an LED Flash to Your Older iPhone with the iFlash

If cameras can have external flashes, why can’t mobile phones? The iFlash is a flash module that allows owners of older iPhones to illuminate dark scenes with a blast of LED light. iPhone 4 owners can also use it to gain some additional light.

You can find it for 19.95 € (~$27) over at BeGeek (in French).

(via Photo Rumors)

  • Zarli Win

    Man, i wish there was a USB version of this for every other phone in existence too

  • Anonymous

    You’ll still need a trick or two to make the photos taken with the flash look good, though it would be easier with the flash farther away from the camera. One quick and easy thing I’ve done is take a white card and place it in front of a camera’s flash to diffuse the harshness of the flash, maybe a few inches if you can swing it. On iPhone 4, the card is probably too close to the camera to make that trick work easily.

  • Anonymous

    When I had the glass back on my phone replaced after it shattered from a four inch drop, something in the fix severely ruined the way the flash travels through the glass so it literally blows out every exposure. Might be an AWESOME investment with an iphone USB extension cable though!

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