Adobe Photoshop CS4 in the Age of Floppy Disks

If we were still living in the age of floppy disks, what would installing something like Adobe Photoshop CS4 be like? antrepo did the math, and figured out that it would take a whopping 358 disks. They’re also making a poster set that includes other programs as well (e.g. 1760 disks for The Sims 3).

(via Photojojo)

  • Elf Sternberg

    No need to make a photoshop. I can take a real, live photograph of the last on-floppy release of Microsoft Office (Access included): all 120 floppies of it!

  • Photosophy

    Yeah, but if Adobe actually optimized all the code bloat out to just leave functional code, the entire Adobe Creative Suite 4 would fit on 7 floppies….I think CS5 would be a bit heftier though, at 9 floppies…