Futuristic Eye Dropper Concept for Transferring Photos and Files

The i dropper is a conceptual device designed to make transferring photographs from different devices and computers intuitive, quick, and easy. To move a photograph from your iPad to your desktop, all you would have to do is “suck up” the photo on your iPad using the stylus pen-shaped device, and “drop” the data onto your computer screen. What’s more, the data contained in the pen is displayed on a little screen to inform you of what’s ready to be dropped.

The idea is pretty cool, but devices would likely need to be designed specifically for the i dropper. Do you need a device like this?

iDrop Information, Simple! (via Wired)

  • Anonymous

    I can think of a couple Apple users that would wet their panties over this toy. For the rest of us, we use that thing that’s actually useful called a network.

  • Taptanium

    Interesting idea. But then it would have to work in a generic copy & paste manner for any kind of file on screen. Then you have possible security problems. Compatibility could be solved with Bluetooth communication + little fancy drivers. Tracking on the screen is the hard part. Simply sending stuff over the air might be the faster option ;)

  • Lyn Caudle

    Yep, whats wrong with a network? WiFi anyone? If you just had to have a “neat trick how about I can “flick” the image to another device in my network. A pen ? hardware ? Really? moving on….

  • Animesh

    This is very similar to what Pranav Mistry Demonstrated a few months earlier at IndiaToday Youth Summit.
    The only difference was that he used his finger and cloud storage instead of the eyedropper.

  • Animesh