Third Eye: A Human Skull Pinhole Camera

There probably isn’t a more suitable camera for halloween picture taking than “Third Eye“, a macabre pinhole camera created with a 150-year-old human skull by Wayne Martin Belger. Light enters the camera through the “third eye” on the forehead, exposing the film that’s placed in the middle of the skull.

Here are a couple photographs taken using this camera:

Creepy huh? The photographs fit the camera very well, if you ask me…

(via DVICE)

  • Anonymous

    Very creepy. That cloud in the last shot even looks like a freakish skull too. Cool!

  • Cyntia Miranda


  • Wiz Rares

    The new Skull Camera. Copyright to Lord Voldermort. Buy NOW and get not one, not two, but THREE children souls included in the pack.

  • greenecam

    How does one obtain a human skull like that? Is it even legal? This is just way too cool and creepy.

  • Dan

    AWESOME! I want one…?

  • Mike

    I just got back from viewing ‘Saw 3D’ – I’m pretty sure there was something like this in there… ;)

  • Mikeprice4269

    This is just ridicky donkly awesome! I would buy that motherfucking thing!

  • Mikeprice4269

    This is just ridicky donkly awesome! I would buy that motherfucking thing!

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  • Ric

    Stupid no respect for human remains I hope it was someone in the Belger family

  • Photojaxon

    What are they shooting on Toast?

  • Boyofblue

    Hi… I’m Wayne the guy that made the camera. To clear up a few things, First it’s not a toast camera. It uses 4″x5″ film in film holders that slip in from the top. Second, the skull is not a family member, unless you count all of humanity as one. The skull was from a med students study kit in 1900. Then for about a hundred years it lived in an attic in England. As far as respect for Human remains, I have respect for all of natures remains and honor them so. I spent a great deal of time in South East Asia, so I do lean toward Eastern views. The skull is the “left overs” of the soul and is a honored part of nature. It should be respected as an animal skull, an insect skull or a leaf. I think when you put humans and their remains above all other forms of nature, the separation allows for the thoughtless elitist easy destruction of nature. Ya get things like animals hunted to extinction, burning rain forest and oil spills… BTW the use of human remains in art is an old, wide sped tradition. Tibetans would carve skulls and do beautiful inlay work. They would also make flutes from human femurs. As far as the west, look at the Catacombs in France or look up Prague’s Sedlec Ossuary aka The Bone Church. Both religious institutions…
    And for the “I want one!” crowd, the camera is owned by the Bill Shire Gallery in LA. I don’t think he’s interested in selling. But I do have other work available that can be seen at
    Ummm… Interesting… ya never know what you will find when you google yourself…

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  • Richard Turner

    I’d love to know what simple prints from the negatives look like. Would they be the same as from any other pinhole camera?    

  • Ki5

    id put one of those in my head. whenever i need to take a pic id just take off a hat