Light Studio App Teaches You Lighting with a 3D Modeling System

Light Studio is a new iPhone app designed to teach you the basics of studio lighting for portraiture. In addition to sections with examples of setups and tutorials, there’s a 3D modeling feature that allows you to position up to three hard light sources and watch how the lights affect the 3D face model. The app is available for $1.99 in the App Store.

(via DIYPhotography)

  • Royshay

    What about the android users?

  • Andrew Ferguson

    I’d buy it, but it has an in-app store where it appears to sell more reference photos one or two at a time. Talk about sleazy.

    Release a full product or don’t bother releasing one at all.

  • Teemu Kuusimurto


    We do have an in-app store, where hard core users can buy some extras, mostly tips and tricks for location shoots. The basic app includes all the lighting diagrams I use. The extra location shoots are about using and combining those settings in practice. If you buy the $2 app you get everything it says in the description and all the lighting patterns, nothing of those are behind the extras.

    Btw, Light Studio isn’t only about studio photography. I shoot more in locations than in studio. The app is about using lights where ever you are.

    An android version have been thought of, but as the app is a hobby for our two persons team and we do our day job as a photographer and a graphic designer we can’t promise any time limit for it.

    Teemu Kuusimurto

  • Undasea

    Still no android app?

  • 9inchnail

    The people demands an android version !