Sprocket Rocket Helps You Include Those Sprockets in Your Shots

The Sprocket Rocket is a new analog camera by Lomography that the company claims is the first camera dedicated to sprocket hole photography. The sprocket holes of 35mm film are included in each panoramic exposure, giving the resulting images a unique look. Two knobs on the camera wind the film in both directions, allowing you to create multiple exposures images as well.

Here are some sample images created with the camera:

The Sprocket Rocket is available from Lomography for £79, or about $124.

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    or…. you could shop it in for free.

  • Eddiesmith

    to print at a lab your option is scan it then send for print, pretty much a non started for wet printing since something has to hold the film plan down (though i’d guess you could use a glss 6×6 mask – but then it’s custom wetwork something very very few labs do now

  • YJawhar

    I think lomography are trying too hard that it’s becoming ridiculous.

  • Anthony Burokas

    Or a high rez flatbed scanner that can handle larger negs, and just scan this as a roll.
    Admittedly, cool, but as a “Lomo” it’s not super high rez so you could just do the same with a center crop of a normal photo and then an overlay in Photoshop.