Find Deals on Old Camera Gear through Goodwill’s Online Auction Site

Goodwill has an online auction site called shopgoodwill, and categories in the Cameras & Camcorders section include film cameras, lenses and accessories, and vintage cameras. It’s not nearly as well-known as popular auction sites (e.g. eBay), so you might be able to find a good deal on camera gear!

(via A Photography Blog)

  • Josh Ladella

    Quick! Delete this post before the site gets viral :)

  • Camera_god

    broken old crap won’t go viral :)

  • Hysyanz

    actually alot of folks buy broken old crap

  • Photobrian

    Found something going for $12 but the shipping is (get this) $28. I suppose the total price is what’s important but come on.

  • panaosnic camera charger

    I think this is very expensive

  • Anonymous

    Site Checking Site Checking

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  • Eddiesmith

    mostly seems to ship US only didn’t see a single listing that would shp outside us/puerto rico
    I buy lots of stuff at thrift shops, and suprisingly so far no bad product ( I have 4 Pentax lenses that cost me a total of $70 and they are currently my most used lenses. Average price for the 4 on the bay would have put them closer to $400 plus shipping)

  • -b-

    You told everyone! Nooooooo!!!

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