Use Jar Openers for Stuck Lens Filters

Here’s a quick photo related life hack: if you have a lens filter that just won’t come off, try using a rubber jar opener to do the task. If you don’t have one already in your kitchen, there might be cheap ones at your local dollar store!

(via Pixiq)

  • Benoit Touchette

    For the mechanicly inclined using one of those oil filter removers that use the rubber belts would do pretty much the same job.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    I though would be about use them for a followfocus. Any tips on how to get a dent out of the filter ring the easy way?

  • Dude

    Yeah I’m with Chung Dha… I thought of this jar opener to be a really cheap way for follow focus

  • G Beetham

    I have always kept a couple of wide rubber bands in my bag. They’re not bulky, and they are very light.

  • IcemanYVR

    of course you could just do what photographers have been doing for years and like the previous poster also mentioned… keep a couple of good ‘ol fashioned rubber bands in your camera bag.

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