Automatically Sync Photos Over Wi-Fi from PC to iPhone

PhotoSync for Lazy is an app for iOS devices that automatically syncs photographs with a PC folder over wi-fi. Once the program is installed on the a Windows PC, a special folder is monitored, and when the app is opened on the iPhone (or other iOS device) it will automatically update to reflect the contents of that folder. This can be a good way to keep your phone for sharing photos on the go, or for having your latest portfolio pictures with you at all times. It’s not currently available for the iPad, but will be soon. You can have 50 photographs synced with the free version of the app, or buy the paid version for $3 for unlimited photos.

An alternative way you can sync photos is with Dropbox. It works over the Internet rather than wi-fi, but the good news is that it’s completely free (up to 2GB) and works on Macs and iPads. It also works in both directions — you can have your iPhone photos synced to your computer.

PhotoSync for Lazy (via Lifehacker)

  • Anonymous

    I want this to happen but from iPhone to PC. I know, it’s impossible that this will happen; not without jailbreaking.

  • berdandy

    frikova: the dropbox app for iPhone can do that. Just go to the desired folder in Dropbox, select the Camera icon, select or take a new photo, and it uploads. Your dropbox client on PC/Mac will notice the change and autodownload it.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks berdandy, but what I meant is a completely automated process:
    – Take a pic and save it to the Camera Roll.
    – the iPhone automatically uploads it for you in the background to the Pictures folder in the Mac/PC.

  • berdandy

    That should be possible — I believe the DCIM folder is one of the only ones on the iPhone that’s open access from any app. I remember reading about some developer doing tricks with copying non-photo data to and from the DCIM folder to get around the copying-between-apps restrictions.

  • Miaojiehong

    I developed a app

      That can lets 
    you ipad or iphone view photo form your pc over wifi with out sync