Beautiful Light Painting Calligraphy Art by Julien Breton

Light painting and calligraphy are both hard enough skills to master on their own, but what about combining the two and doing it well? That’s what French artist Julien Breton specializes in. These photographs show Breton’s calligraphy created with light with no trickery involved at all.

Anyone recognize the language?

Image credits: Photographs by Guillaume J. Plisson

  • Noof


    That’s soo coool xD

  • Matt Del Campo

    Looks Hindi, or maybe a calligraphic form of Arabic?

  • Pat

    Its Arabic.

  • Mike

    That really is so, so cool.

  • Noof

    Even though I’m Arab I can’t read the words, or is it just random letters?

  • AamH

    It looks like arabic, I recognised some of the characters, but can’t actually make out any words.


    It is Arabic

  • Ad

    No, it’s not only Arabic, the last symbol is sanskrit.

  • Photosophy

    So on top of it, he’d have to be doing the characters backwards.
    Must have taken some practice.

  • Williammahnken


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  • Lloyd Barnes

    Very skillful!

  • Tarek_elsharawy

    Arabic alphabet