Photos of Things That Aren’t Supposed to be Photographed

If you’re like a lot of people, you might have felt the urge to secretly shoot where there are signs posted prohibiting photography. Strictly No Photography is a website that aggregates these photographs, giving the public a glimpse into various things that are off limits to cameras. There’s photographs from museums, theaters, and even a collection of “no photography allowed” signs.

Here’s a “no photo” photo I took when I visited China back in 2002. It was shot looking in from outside a building:

Do you have any “no photo” photos? Feel free to share them in the comments!

(via Photojojo)

  • Mike

    My sister took a shot of the Sistene Chapel ceiling a few years back… I know that’s not ‘too’ big of a deal, but still kinda cool how she did it. I’ll look for the shot, post it if I can and explain.

  • Anne Nonymous

    I have one of a mask in San Fransisco. I took the pic and the guy said “hey you’re not allowed to do that” so I didn’t take any more, but I didn’t erase it either. Hey, it was a mask covered in Scrabble pieces! How cool is that?

  • me

    I shot this picture in a french theater when they started to show those harsh words right before the movie began to advise the public to go tell the management if they saw someone taking pictures or filming. I felt better when I heard people laughing around when I shot that, I thought I was not the only one thinking this is ridiculous. (in french)

  • Michael Zhang

    Photos of the Sistine chapel are the most popular on the site:

  • Adam Solomon

    I have a set of photos on flickr with some of my “forbidden photos”. Right now it’s got some photos from ART’s production of “Cabaret” and a whale exhibit at Boston’s museum of science.

    Back in the day I had an Israeli soldier threaten to rip the film out of my camera for taking a picture of an electronic listening post on the Golan Heights. Fortunately, I talked my way out of that, mostly based that it was b&w film that I was going to process myself. Unfortnately, the photo was garbage. ;-) I was also chased through the Old City of Jerusalem by an Arab guy who objected to having his photo taken without his permission. Fun times.

  • Ty Williams

    I was chased by three angry prostitutes in the Red Light district of Amsterdam, who swore at me in around twenty different languages just so I got the message! Funny thing was, they were only having a cigarette on some steps… I didn’t even get the chance to take the photo (which would’ve been tasteful and interesting, I think)
    Ty Wales

  • videoflyer

    My memory (from, admittedly, quite a few years ago now) is that you can’t take FLASH photos of the Sistine Chapel. So long as you didn’t use a flash you were okay. Anyway, that’s how I got MY pics.

  • Mike

    Hehe. Yeah, I guess it proves that I didn’t look too far through the site.

  • Mike

    I think you’re right. I remember reading something about this too. Cheers.

  • Mike

    Duly noted. Cheers, Michael.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t a site like this (as well as that iPhone app for surreptitious photography) just the sort of things that fuel authorities’ poor attitudes towards photographers?

    Sure, some restrictions on photographing are excessive or unjustified, and deserve to be flouted.

    But in many other cases there are very valid commercial, copyright, privacy and security reasons to restrict the gathering of photographic images.
    Sneaking these images and publishing / distributing them online only serves to severely dilute photographer’s arguments when authorities bust our chops for shooting pics.

    The iPhone app is just a lawsuit(s) waiting to happen, and seems the provice of the devious or criminal. In what instance should you be photographing people or property where you would feel unable to request permission?

    As far as I see it, these cases only serve to compromise legitimate photographers’ reputations and liberties.

  • Susie Tsang

    lol TY Williams i had a similar experience there too! was walking past some windows with girls in them. and i took a very blurry picture as i realised one of them spotted me!! she banged on the window and opened the door and shouted “oi! no photos you slut!!” me and my friend was in hysterics cos of what she had said to us.. funny times.. gotta love amsterdam!!

  • Amien

    I took a video clip in the Amsterdam Redlight District, I got caught and wrestled with 4 whores & a pimp, eventuall camera was temporarily confiscated, it’s a long story, but I still got away with the footage :)

    I just posted some stills on that site:

    full clip can be seen at: