Happy Meal Photographed Weekly Shows No Change After Half Year

New York City photographer Sally Davies purchased a McDonalds Happy Meal on April 10th of this year and left it out uncovered on her coffee table to prove wrong a friend who said it would rot after only a few days. After about two weeks of photographing the food, Davies realized that absolutely nothing was happening, so she began taking pictures once a week. After 180 days Davies shot the 27th photograph, with the meal looking almost identical to when she first bought it. The 1st and 27th photograph taken half a year apart are shown above.

Thanks to Davies, we now know that if your project involves making a time-lapse of food decomposing, you probably don’t want to go with McDonalds. You can also stock up on Happy Meals if you’re wary of a zombie apocalypse.

Check out the entire project on this Flickr set.

(via PopPhoto)

Image credits: Photographs by Sally Davies and used with permission

  • White Hot Phoenix

    Couldn’t they have just watched Super Size Me?

  • Valentino

    They are different, though. The bun is different and the fries have been moved around. In this type of photography, you should not touch the specimen AT ALL. The bun and burger on the right look like they just came out of the freezer, with the bun showing signs of condensation damage. . . . Not saying that is the case, BUT . . . don’t touch the product.

  • Valentino

    . . . . also reminds me of the “Life after People” episode where “twinkies” are reportedly still edible after hundreds of years!

  • yoshua wuyts

    What the hell xD

  • Zak Henry

    Not if Tallahassee from Zombieland has anything to do with it

  • Anonymous

    McDonalds food intentionally does not rot so it’s salmonella/ecoli lawsuit proof.

    A by-product of this attribute is that it makes a great laxative.

  • Matt from Cohen-Photo

    I was at a boutique selling photos and a vendor who was promoting her vitamins for kids had a five year old happy meal on display. Looked just like the one in this picture.

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  • Guest

    Ever hear of pemmican?  The stuff never rots.  
    The common factor between the Happy Meal and the pemmican is salt, which preserves them.

  • N1vader

    Obvious fake. The fries and burger aren’t even in the same place. No newspaper to prove the date. Bullshit!