Canon Cross Media Station Delivers Wireless Transfer and Charging

If you shoot often, then you probably go through the hassles of sticking your memory card in a card reader and battery in a battery charger often as well. While these tasks don’t take much time in themselves, doing them day after day can cause them to become quite tedious. Canon’s Cross Media Station is designed to make these things a breeze, allowing you to do both by simply placing your camera (or two, or three) on the device, which looks like a slick scanner.

Once a camera is placed on the station, power starts flowing into the camera battery, while the memory card data starts flowing the opposite direction into the station. Here’s a video demonstration of the technology in action shot by TrustedReviews at Canon Expo 2010.

In the future, instead of fumbling with memory cards, batteries, wires, and chargers, working with your images after a long day of shooting may simply involve plopping your camera onto a multi-purpose station. Sadly, having one of these things on our desks is still a few years away.

(via Engadget)

  • greenecam

    This is one the coolest things I’ve seen. I’d buy this asap.

  • Jim Glass

    Very neat. Wonder if it will require new cameras re the little blue light flashing?

  • Andrew

    it looks like an adapter, probably will require a firmware update to use the hardware.

    I wonder how much it’ll cost

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  • Michael Zhang

    Presumably if this thing catches on new cameras will have the necessary technology built in.

    Hopefully it’s standardized rather than having separate docks for every camera brand.

  • Mikko Ruohola

    You wish… That would mean that best docks wouldn’t sell the worst cameras and so on. Not a good way to do business.. ;)

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