Sony Holds Press Event to Announce Pink Version of the NEX-3

We’re having a hard time deciding whether to laugh or cry. Sony has been on top of the innovation game lately, but today’s announcement is a bit silly — they held a special press event to announce a pink version of the NEX-3 mirrorless camera. Earlier in October rumor sites were already reporting the October 12th press event scheduled to “announce a new mirrorless SLR”. Other websites began speculating as to whether or not it would be a new EVIL model to compliment the NEX-3 and NEX-5. Turns out the answer is no. It’s just a pink NEX-3.

The camera will be available in Japan starting November 19th.

  • Ipodguy93


  • Teknisyan

    nice one! lols..

  • Teknisyan

    nice one! lols..

  • Ben Jacobsen

    colored versions of cameras are BIG sellers in Japan, so why is this a surprise?

  • Atlanta Terry

    It should sell out in San Francisco.

  • Salz

    I would like to get a Leica M9 in pink. Or even a Canon 1Ds. A yellow Nikon could also be fine. :)