Diminished Reality is Content Aware Fill for Live Video Recording

Content aware fill was mind-boggling enough when it came out earlier this year, but what if the same concept could be applied to video… while the camera is recording? That’s the idea behind Diminished Reality, a topic being researched by Jan Herling and Wolfgang Broll at the Ilmenau University of Technology in Germany. Basically, you select something in the scene against a uniform background, and it disappears from the resulting video. Pretty crazy.

(via Nice Photography Magazine)

  • Tom

    Very cool… And if you look into the mirror, when they’re filming in the bathroom, you can see the reflection of the object in the mirror, although they have removed it on the table

  • Richard Horsfield

    This tech is going to have major implications – like live news, can you really believe what they are showing you?
    Awesome & scary at the same time.
    It’s going to be like living in a cross between the Matrix and Inception…

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  • Anonymous

    So when will this be available in the App Store? :P

    Really though, I wonder how far out it will be before the software can be realistically run on iPhone hardware.

  • me


  • you

    i noticed that hey

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