Adobe Photoshop May Possibly Become Microsoft Photoshop

The Internet was abuzz yesterday due to a secret meeting at Adobe’s offices between the head honchos of Microsoft (Steve Ballmer) and Adobe (Shantanu Narayen). The New York Times reports:

The meeting, which lasted more than an hour, covered a number of topics, but one of the main thrusts of the discussion was Apple and its control of the mobile phone market and how the two companies could team up in the battle against Apple. A possible acquisition of Adobe by Microsoft were among the options.

Whoa. Acquisition. That’s a pretty deal. So big, in fact, that the rumor drove Adobe’s stock price up 11.5% yesterday, adding about $1.5 billion to their market cap.

In addition to Photoshop, the acquisition would also net Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash), possibly turning it into Microsoft Flash. Now that would be pretty mind-boggling.

What do you think of the possible acquisition? Would Microsoft be a good company to develop Photoshop?

What Did Microsoft and Adobe Chiefs Talk About? (via Mashable)

  • Thales Nogueira

    hell no!

  • Lloyd

    Long live Microsoft!

  • Nickb


  • emmanuelliphoto

    i think this would, going forward dilute the usability of ADOBE products under much unnecessary additions which have plagued many MS products of late. Bloated ADOBE products would not be welcome…

  • Kmichaelson21

    wtf?! what will this do to the interface and compatability with other adobe programs??? sounds like a terrible idea to me.

  • Kmichaelson21

    wtf?! what will this do to the interface and compatability with other adobe programs??? sounds like a terrible idea to me.

  • Cam Hoff

    No. Adobe isn’t even a good company to develop Photoshop, but Microsoft would be worse…

  • ACK!


  • Michael Zhang

    Hah. Who would be ideal you for?

  • Dean W Thompson

    Flash is dead!

  • Pepe

    Photoshop LIVE yeyyy!

  • GarySimmons

    NNNNOOOOO! I don’t give a crap if MS owns photoshop, but I don’t want them touching Lightroom!

  • Nickb

    Really? If Microsoft had to develop a human being it wouldn’t live long or would be covered in patches…

  • Enemy of the State

    There goes the neighborhood…

  • Levi Arnold

    ABSOLUTLEY NO!!!!!!!!!! Its not like Microsoft needs something else to mess-up. A PC is like a Air-Conditioner, it stops working when you open windows.

  • Guest

    I’m loving watching the Apple lovers squirm over this one.

  • Goonery

    Me no care, Microsoft is being broken up and I’m 100% Mac Apple anyway, do your worst, best, whatever it’ll make no difference to the real deal

  • Michael Zhang

    Wow these Microsoft jokes are amazing. Keep them coming please ;-)

  • Ranger9

    All you need to do is look at what Microsoft did to iView Mediapro to see that this would NOT be a good idea.

  • David J Peacock

    Credit where credit is due.

    Microsoft operating systems suck.
    I hate them for killing Netscape.

    But the Office suite is the best there is, hands down, and their games division also rocks. So just remember that in the various myriad compartmentalized areas within Microsoft, some units are awesome. Photoshop likely wouldn’t suffer much under Microsoft ownership.

    I see this as a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    Tried using Flash lately? The maxim, “Save early, save often” is especially apropos.

  • Beth

    No!! I get Adobe doesn’t want to loose market share with Flash but this would really hurt Adobe in the long run.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    No way!!! Hope its is not true and hope its the otherway around!!! Would been better if Adobe buys over the Office so Adobe words, excel and powerpoint. Words been way better to have Adobe Powerpoint.

  • Anonymous

    We’re not squirming, we’re dry heaving.

  • Micah Touchet


  • Amigosito

    Given that innovation at Adobe has become stagnant, it’s a perfect time for MSFT to take over. All the hard work is already done. Hopefully this will spur on the emergence of a true Creative Suite competitor, but more likely it will only hasten the demise of the Mac as the platform of choice for creative professionals, since Apple seems to care only about consumers and tablets these days.

  • Cris CO

    do your worst? that could mean you can’t use photoshop if you’re using a Mac…think about it!

  • ajw93

    no, please, no! oh lord. people think that photoshop is bloated NOW…just imagine if MS gets hold of Adobe products…the ribbon interface on Photoshop! nightmare scenario.

  • iloveadobe

    hell no please! Adobe does amazing things, we do not need m$ trying to “simplify things” for elderly people or casual photographers.

  • Lac

    My world just sank. This AIN’T true by a million years (GOD HELP US) but touch my Lightroom and die!

  • Xmaclean

    Are you kidding.. Aplle f***ing blooooows

  • freeboprich

    Yup, it crashes more than windows. I can’t see how these two multimedia giants really differ.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly the piercing, insightful commentary I’ve come to expect from Windows fanboys.

  • Dicks

    I -hope- Microsoft does buy Adobe. Just so all your fags cry

  • dapple

    Seems like only idiots (a.k.a Apple fanboys) read this blog – or at least comment on here.


    I’m not adding to the fanboyism as you so stated, but I’ve used both Macs and Windows and as a professional in the creative digital world I prefer PC to Macs. Sure there’s patches, but I have more control over my PC. I don’t need a computer to “assume” what I want or need without my permission.
    My point is that Apple has become kitschy with pointless focuses on worthless apps. Look at the iPhone for example. You need a pen, there’s an app for that. You need a wild badger wearing sunglasses, there’s an app for that. You need to make a phone call, oh wait, you’re out of range of the network.
    A PC isn’t geared towards one specific type of person. Apple on the other hand tries to hit a specific demographic of what they think are “artsy” people only. And one last thing, I can build a PC from the ground up to meet all my needs and expectations. You can’t really do that with a Mac.
    If you want to call me a fanboy then by all means do so. I’m also someone who likes having control over my peripherials and not just having the next latest and greatest fad.

  • Guest

    As a professional in the creative world, that’s why I switched to PC a few years ago. Apple cares only about making cutesy apps and worthless tablets that are fads. They used to be great, now they’re like the old woman who keeps getting plastic surgery to try to stay young. Need Adobe? There’s a PC for that. ;)

  • DaveBrown

    I do

  • Fuckyou

    F*** rumor. not more!!!

  • Michael Zhang

    My guess is that it’s a vocal minority

  • Guest

    “Apple cares only about making cutesy apps and worthless tablets that are fads.”
    Cutesy apps like Final Cut Studio and Logic Pro? Please.

    “As a professional in the creative world ”
    Sorry, your professionalism isn’t showing.

  • Billkok8857

    “Would Microsoft be a good company to develop Photoshop?”
    Have they really developed anything else?

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I’m not certain you do either.

    You seem to be comparing a phone os with windows’ pc os. Mac’s actual system is vastly superior to Windows, even in its newest iteration. And you can do anything you like with a Mac, you just need to know what you are doing. I have a mac pro that I have added two cards and upgraded several times over as my budget has allowed. I have XP on my mac for accessing old files. I never use it. I never have call to apart from extracting data I wish to use elsewhere. I’ve built several PCs from the motherboard up and I don’t find my mac pro limited at all. If anything the harmony with which it is built is far superior to watching Windows fumble around to locate drivers that may or may not be in its online database (likely not, and certainly not in the futile directory on the installation CD).

    So far back do I go with Windows, that I irrationally still replace spaces with “_” when typing file names on my Mac.

    If you wish to complain about Apple based on a perceived elitism, or marketing, okay, but I think this is a situation where you are perceiving a sense of superiority where people are just openly celebrating what they perceive as the superior engineering of their brand. As a fellow professional I too have always existed in both worlds.

    If you are sincere in saying that you have worked with both, then you likely know full-well that a computer is a tool for accomplishing tasks. It matters less what hammer you hold than what you build with it. Apple fans are concerned MS will take the product and gum it up. And why on earth would anyone be concerned about MS ruining a good brand? Its not like they have a history of that or anything.

  • JaneEx2219

    Open source community development.

  • Erin Marie Allin


  • Hassan Selim

    It’s hard to say.
    It depends on which group of Microsoft developers will be responsible for it.
    There are some extremely smart developers at Microsoft that if combined with Adobe’s developers, the result can be AMAZING !
    However, if put with one of Microsoft’s few inefficiant (and lazy?) developers, Adobe’s products may disappear :S

  • Smshami

    This is all like listening to Pepsi vs Coca cola each one is liked for it’s own reasons anyone can disagree or why not agree that each is ok, but neither is really good for you.

  • Zak Henry

    Google seems to be the one competitor that actually has some standing against Apple. If Google bought Adobe I really wouldn’t mind, maybe the would be able to get some of those wizards that made Chrome so fast to work on Adobe’s snail products.

  • Russ

    I can’t understand why Apple (with it’s 10’s of billions in cash liquidity) didn’t buy Adobe years ago.
    They were a very good corporate and creative match.

    If Microsoft got Adobe, it probably wouldn’t be a bad thing either. They’ve picked up their game considerably in the last year or so. Windows 7 is a good, solid OS, the reactions to Windows Phone 7 seem extremely positive etc.
    They could bring some good stimulus to Adobe…who is most definitely not immuse to sloppy and bloated coding, their absolutely glacial speed of innovation, and interdepartmental communication problems.

  • Taxime1

    I think nooooo to this deal, microsoft stuffs up when it touches anythng else.. heheh jokes.

    but the reality is that adobe functions well as a unified system across its range of products, and what Microsoft will do is split all these up…and then the endless name changes, nothing will be unified, at the moment, everything has adobe attached to it.

    do you think adobe will be user freindly as it is if it joined hands with microsoft, doubt it. ?