Panasonic Lumix Phone Unveiled

Panasonic has pulled the wraps off its new Lumix branded phone that we first reported on last week. The website set up for the phone now has photos and diagrams, though it’s in Japanese. We now know that it’s a slider phone that looks like a stretched out compact camera, with “13.2 Megapixels” etched on the front to remind everyone that your cell phone packs quite a punch.

The Lumix Phone will be available in blue, pink, gold and black:

  • Anonymous

    But will Leica make an identical camera phone with a price tag about 2000% higher?

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  • Eddie

    I see them offering an X1 with phone features added for an additional say $1000, and limited edition versions for double the price

  • Greenney22

    how much this lumix phone costs?