Photog Captures Evidence that He Was Struck by Tiger Woods’ Ball

A fun story over the weekend was the crazy photograph that Mail on Sunday photographer Mark Pain captured while covering the Ryder Cup. Tiger Woods was attempting a chip shot, and launched he ball directly at Ryder, who had his camera up to his face. Without flinching, Pain snapped the above photo moments before the ball struck his camera, bounced off his chest, and landed at his feet.

That’s crazy enough, but the more important question is: who is cigar man?

When we tweeted the story over the weekend, a large number of you noticed cigar man and pointed it out. With how viral this story and photo are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if more details about cigar man surfaced soon. We’ll update this post if there’s more about him.

Update: Now here’s a priceless Photoshop job circulating the web (thanks Mike!):

Update: Commenter Erhraeerh points out a couple more interesting things spotted in the photo. First, a boy peering out from his cave of legs:

Also, if you’re not tall enough to see over a sea of heads, why not bring along a periscope?

Image credit: Photograph by Mark Pain for Mail on Sunday

  • Spencer

    It’s Groucho’s ghost!

  • Mark

    Cigar man is the best thing about that photograph. I noticed him before my eye was even drawn to the golf-ball! Epic!

  • Adam Solomon

    Cigar man is the straw that stirs the drink in that photo. And to prove that you can’t have too much of a good thing, a friend sent me this:

  • Erhraeerh

    What about the kid crouching between legs or even the periscope, eh?

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  • Jim Breeds

    So has anyone noticed the same guy in the other picture on the Mail website?

  • Jim Breeds

    So, has anyone noticed the same guy in the other picture on the original Mail website?

  • Stefan Heymanns

    speaking of the other picture – that guy on the left has one huge afro.

  • Moon Lightness

    Hillarious!.. Ok… so I needed to work… and well, I also needed to procrastinate real bad… photoshop was luring me in.. here are some more:)…

  • Michael Zhang

    Haha =)

  • Trevordeanphotography

    Third in from the right.. Front row, also has a pretty interesting expression on his face!

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