Lost Camera Mode Dial Replaced with Wooden Clone

Flickr user vamapaull tells the story of how his camera’s boring old mode dial magically turned into a wooden one:

A friend of mine borrowed a Fujifilm S5600 camera and somehow managed to lose the menu wheel.

After a few days of postponing the return of the camera, he showed up with the camera and a wooden menu wheel instead of the original that was made of plastic.

I have to say, this wooden wheel gives a little more coolness to the old camera.

Would you have the same reaction if your loaned camera returned to you with this “upgrade”?

(via Make)

  • Dave Treadwell

    I always make sure when borrowing equipment that I return it in as good as condition it was lent to me – else i’d replace it with the same/better.

    In this case, I would argue this is better. So much more character than a normal camera!

  • Tommy Moore

    A definite upgrade. Nice work.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a champagne cork!

  • GH

    I’ve stopped allowing people to borrow my gear. I work too hard for my equipment to loan it out and take the chance of stuff getting broken, dinged, scratched or ruined. Chances are if you are borrowing my gear, you don’t have the money for your own, so obviously can’t replace it. Get your own gear.

  • LeDor

    I always say I need proof that they have enough money to replace it, or written agreement that their parents have the money to replace it.

  • brian

    that looks kinda dumb if you ask me

  • Matt

    I agree. I’ve stopped loaning out photo gear to my friends. Nobody else will take as good of care of your equipment as you do.

  • Mike

    Bigger question: How exactly does one lose a mode dial? They don’t exactly fall off easily.

  • Michael Zhang

    Apparently the dial on this camera is prone to this kinda thing. A commenter on the Flickr page wrote, “We get loads of 5600’s in a work to send off for repair because the wheel has come off – I think Fuji have acknowledged it as a fault. This solution if much better than having it replaced with another plastic one though!”

  • paul eliasberg

    A bone one would have been so much nicer. Still good, though. I like those little upgrades, but preferably in bone. Antler will do nicely too.

  • vamapaull

    I agree, but that camera is not my main camera ;)
    That’s an older one and I don’t really use it anymore.

  • Q

    cool…i have the same problem…maybe he can help how to resolve this problem