GoPro Goes Entry Level with the Cheaper HD Hero 960

We’ve seen GoPro cameras in quite a few stories as of late, with people using them for things ranging from making friends with Great White sharks to capturing amazing home videos of space. Good news if you’ve been thinking of getting one for action footage — they’ve just released the cheaper HD Hero 960. You get 960p instead of 1080p, and you lose an expansion port for external displays and batteries, but you pay $180 instead of the $300 it costs for an HD Hero.

HD HERO 960 Camera (via Engadget)

  • Chung Dha Lam

    I donno but still rather go for the 1080p version. Cause it aint really that expensive at all. However at the moment I only upload only 720 cause 1080 takes ages to upload, but have to say for future tech would go for 1080 which would probably stay longer in the range then anything less.