DropMocks Makes Sharing Photos Quick and Stupidly Easy

DropMocks is a new photo sharing service designed to help you share photographs online as quickly and easily as possible. Created with HTML 5, the service has a minimalistic homepage that invites you to drag and drop photos into the browser. It then adds those photos into a simple gallery, and provides you with a short URL you can share. It’s a bit like file hosting service DropBox, except for photos and done through the browser.

You don’t need an account, though you can create one to keep track of the “mocks” you create. Here’s an example mock we created using some photos from PetaPixel’s Flickr account. Keep in mind that since the galleries are publicly accessible through private URLs, don’t upload anything you wouldn’t want to be made public.

DropMocks (via Lifehacker)

  • Benjamin James

    File size capped at 900MB?! that sense doesn’t make.

  • Bud Johnson

    wow – I love it.

  • Bud Johnson

    wow – I love it.

  • T_R

    First off, I can’t seem to make an account to keep track of my stuff. No option to do so.

    2ndly, Why are the files pegged at 900kb max? :( this is purely for showing off and not much for sharing real, large files, noh?

  • Michael Zhang

    The create account option shows up when you have an album on the bottom right hand corner.

  • Frank

    Why not sign up for a service that lets you send and store more than just photos? I use – easy to use and it works with any kind of file!