SD Card-Laden Paper Airplanes to Be Dropped from the Edge of Space

Viral marketing agency The Viral Factory is helping Samsung with an experiment in which they’re planning to drop 100 SD cards attached to paper airplanes from 21 miles above the Earth in the stratosphere. Instructions will be printed on the paper airplane informing anyone who finds one of the experiment and what they can do to participate. Finders are encouraged to shoot with the cards and then upload anything taken to the Project Space Planes website.

The claim that the planes will “carry the messages across the world” is a bit farfetched, but supposedly the planes could potentially travel hundreds of miles depending on the wind conditions. The experiment is planned for mid-October.

Here’s a video explaining the experiment:

How many of these do you think will be found?

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like massive littering to me…

  • Stefano Prezioso

    Not to be a Negative Nancy, but I think this will generally fail. If people do find these planes, and they have the technology to read the SD cards, and they care enough to read the SD cards, it’s still a shot in hell if they care enough to go and do anything about it. We’re only talking 100 paper airplanes… Not 100,000…

  • Rosevibe

    even before taking into account the valid point raised by Stefano: earth is 70% water (or something like that) chances are slim they’ll survive the trip; paper is not really known for it’s water resistance..

  • Erik Turner

    who thought of this idea? i’m going to drop off my garbage on their front porch for the next few weeks.

  • Samuel

    This is actually a really interesting social project. Sorry you all don’t like it, but it’s really a wonderful idea. my only thought is, will they survive? Water, plus weather, plus speed and impact?

  • brian

    not only is that guy annoying, but this sounds like the dummest idea evaaaaaar!

  • E.G.

    Cool idea. But, considering how little surface area of the world is actually inhabited.

    …and how few of us are actually walking around to see things like this on the ground.

    …and how few of us will actually stoop to pick up what otherwise seems like just another bit of litter.

    (plus the other factors mentioned above)

    means that they’ll be lucky of one person ever gets back to them on this.

  • Zak Henry

    The distance travelled projection must be way off, because people send weather balloons up to the edge of space all the time, and they usually land close enough for them to drive to easily. The planes would probably all land in the same city.

  • Patrick Ahles

    And what’s more, I use CompactFlash cards in my camera…

  • T_R

    It’s being interesting is not in question. The issue is how they will be applying it / pulling it off. How will these be distributed around the world? Over terrain? stuff like that…

  • Ranger9

    I wonder if it’s even real. It sounds suspiciously like the 2008 viral marketing campaign in Rolling Rock beer claimed they were going to project user-submitted messages onto the moon via a laser:

  • Anonymous

    WTF!!! What an irresponsible stunt this is, and whomever thought it up needs to be fined for littering. Jeez, this is incredibly stupid. For the cost of the flight, they could stand on street corners and hand them out, thousands of them!

  • the greatest

    lets hope none of the planes end up in the ocean

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  • John Milleker

    Step 1: Buy Samsung Memory Cards, Step 2: Load massive world-ending virus on them. Step 3: Tape them to paper planes and leave them around town in public locations. Profit!

  • John Smith

    thats a great idea. I realize some may view this massivly irresponsible but who hasn’t wanted to throw a paper airlane from a great height!!!?!?? He just took you’re childhood dream and launched it frm space.

  • cryofly

    Is the SD card arsenic-free?