The First Plenoptic Camera on the Market

It looks like the wait for plenoptic cameras to hit the market is shorter than we thought when we reported earlier today on Adobe’s interesting demonstration on the technology. In fact, there is no wait — you can already purchase a plenoptic camera. German company Raytrix is the first to offer plenoptic cameras that allow you to choose focus points in post processing and capture 3D images with a single sensor.

Their “entry-level” R5 camera shoots at 1 megapixel, while the high-end R11 shoots at 3 megapixels. They can also convert any existing digital camera into a plenoptic camera, creating a lens array for it within 6-8 weeks.

Processing the resulting images is done through proprietary software written by Raytrix. How much these cameras cost isn’t published on their website, and is only provided on request. If you have any idea, leave a comment letting us know!

Do you think this technology will soon be offered in consumer cameras?

(via Photo Rumors)

  • Niels

    because you need to post process it, I don’t think many consumers would like this type of camera. Hardly no ‘normal’ consumer shoots in RAW as well for the same reason… And for the pro’s; maybe for sport photography where it’s hard to focus in the heat of the moment?
    cheers, Niels

  • Fastactingrelief

    What would be cool is plenoptic video. You could pull focus without even touching your lens! Take that RedRock Micro.

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  • BigTallGates

    If they build the post-processing functions like the focus-pull into the camera, so that they can be done straight after taking the photo on the camera’s screen, then I can see consumers going for it.
    There will need to be a fairly big marketing/education campaign to educate the masses about what the hell is going on, but it will happen eventually.

  • Roaldvdmeer

    ohw yeah, that would be awesome :)

  • Kazriko Redclaw

    Imagine the uses for 3d videos. Allow the system to change the focus depth of the scene based on where the user is looking to increase immersion and get rid of the headaches and eyestrain caused by 3d with blurry backgrounds.

  • Isconsulting

    Yawn … how about just take all the focus elements and composite the final image all in perfect focus. Now consumers are buying it because it gives well focussed images everytime. Imagine huge DOF with fast optics – now that is something to get interested in!

  • Jeff

    Perfect focus != Perfect photo

  • Liu

    so how much bugs does one cost? shoots at 3 MP … my cell phone shoots at 5MP… i know that’s not the point here, but come on its probably in 4 figure region…

  • Alan

    Full field focus does not mean a good photo. Blurring the background is a popular technique to make the foreground pop. I have done this myself in photoshop to deliberately reduce the depth of field and it makes a huge difference.
    Now, being able to selectively control the depth of field from full to anywhere within the field would be awesome. Problem for a while is going to be resolution. Stamford University used a 16Mp camera with plenoptic lens (90,000 individual micro lenses) so the final result was a resolution of 90k pixels. Sony used 100Mp and finished with 5.2Mp. I don’t think we are going to see high resolution versions in the consumer market for some time.

  • hardt

    I would think this wouls have a place in traffic cameras and security cameras. Situations where there is no human taking the photo so altering the focal point after the capture would be beneficial.

  • RaptorJesus

    security cameras don’t need to have a blurry background. everything’s focused. they’re usually shooting at f/11 at minimum, so I don’t think this is the right tool for them.

  • Steve_gamester

    Price for R11 = $30,000………

  • Steve_gamester

    Price for R11 = $30,000………

  • Poope

    That is silly to charge $30,000 for this camera

  • Sqworks

    Zoom and focus from zero to infinity … You have to pay the geniuses behind this..

  • Minetruly

     What education do consumers need? “Take a picture. You can change the focus later. Look at this picture we took of a flower.” This is all the consumers need.

  • Minetruly

     That is BRILLIANT.