Hasselblad Tries to One Up Leica with 499 Ferrari H4D Cameras

Leica may have teamed up with the Audi design team for the limited edition Titanium M9 they announced yesterday at Photokina, but Hasselblad has just announced a car partnership of their own: the limited edition Ferrari H4D digital medium format camera. Now pro photographers who are determined to flaunt opulence can shoot with a flaming red camera that matches their car. The camera is even more “limited edition” than the Titanium M9, with 499 being produced instead of 500.

Welcome to the world of cameras being status symbols. Lets hope this kind of craziness doesn’t propagate to other camera companies, or we might see Toyota Canons and Honda Nikons. Oh wait… they have Jackie Chan limited editions already…

  • John

    Puts the W in Wanker – unbelievably hideous….

  • Matt

    “The Hasselblad H4D, at 500 units, will be the most limited-edition product at Photokina.”

    “But I just heard Leica is doing a run of 500, too.”


    “The Hasselblad H4D, at 499 units…”

  • jr

    Ferrari always make one less product than they think they can sell.

  • Jim

    Shouldn’t it be a Volvo since they’re both Swedish?

  • Brett

    A volvo-edition anything doesn’t make me want to buy it. Unless it had 499 airbags built in.

  • Matt

    I heard Kodak is going to have a Hyundai edition. It will cost less than the regular version.

  • Anonymous
  • Newman Homrich

    I wouldn’t buy anything signed by Ferrari. They can order me to let a more important german or spanish photographer to take a crucial picture first! That’s the same reason why I don’t want to buy some of those fancy “Red Barchettas” anymore…

  • Dbutch

    My first “real” camera was a 500C Hasselblad. 1960. Don’t worry about Hasselblad tarnishing their image. They abandoned their customers a long, long time ago. I just don’t understand why Canon, Nikon and others don’t learn from the mistakes of proprietary batteries, etc. The Hasselblad ELM was a total disaster because of that. And then they simply abandoned their customer base altogether. Still have and shoot a batch of old Hasselblad but NEVER AGAIN with new equipment.

  • Jhracer3

    Wow. My opinion of Hasselblad just dropped from here ——–

    to here ——–

  • Salz

    Volvo isn’t swedish anymore. They were sold to “Geely”, a chinese company.

    I would take my Canon in a Nissan edition. They could bundle a 7D and a couple of lenses with the new Nissan Juke.

  • Fastactingrelief

    This is so cheesy. I wonder if it smells of bad cologne.