Amateur Transformers Short Film Created with Entry-Level DSLRs

The latest Transformers movie to crawl out of the Hollywood cookie-cutter machine had a budget of $200 million. The above 2.5 minute short film was created by Amateur Russian filmmaker Alexander Semenov using a Canon 550D (with a 18-55mm kit lens and 50mm 1.8) and a Nikon D5000 (with a 18-55mm kit lens). In other words, the gear used was entry-level quality with kit lenses.

The footage was captured in two hours of shooting, and a month was spent editing the film. It’s amazing what a couple kids can create with a couple sub-$1000 DSLRs. We’re going to be seeing much more of this kind of thing as HD video recording because a necessary feature on new cameras.

(via Boing Boing)

  • Paul Melo

    Wow. Really well done CGI!

  • Matt

    I love these short DSLR films. Hopefully the availability of these relatively inexpensive cameras will turn today’s younger generation into quality film makers. The kids who grew up with computers have taken to the technology much easier than the old-timers who had to learn it from scratch. Hopefully that will be the case with films too.

  • hburger

    Do you think it was shot handheld? Telling by the tiny bit of camera shake, right?

  • Wing Loon

    Phenomenal :)

  • Escorpio08

    incredible job

  • Brad

    Holy crap-impressive. The ‘consumer’ angle is a bit misleading though. That software package they used cost more than an armful of entry level SLRs.

  • Paul Jubenvill

    i don’t see how this is any testimony to the canon dSLR — so what? that kind of video is dime a dozen. what’s incredible about this is the CGI, which is no credit to canon. thanks for sharing.

  • M!

    probably freeloaded…

  • Packard

    There are already better purpose-built consumer level HD cameras out there which cost even less than the ones used in the video. I don’t see any advantage at all in using these SLR’s. In fact, it’s harder to shoot with them because of recording limitations. The Nikon D5000 for example, has a 20-minute limit per clip, and it doesn’t autofocus while recording which is bad if your subjects move around and change distance a lot. I should know, I own one. I say that if they used purpose built HD video cameras, it would’ve been equally good with easier work.

  • Ricardo

    1. Auto-focus is not used in the professional film industry, all changes in focus are planned to the mms and made by hand.
    2. HD cameras are nowhere near the image quality of a DSLR, the difference in sensor size is huge, and they use lower quality non-interchangeable lenses.
    3. Much, much more limited in DOF (because of sensor sizeˆˆ)
    4. A take rarely exceeds 3-5min, most are 1-2m or less, unless you’re doing something unusual.

    Have you wondered why this kind of video

  • Ricardo

    … was very rare before DSLRs? There is a reason for that.

  • Packard

    Oops. I was tinkering around with my camera’s settings. 20 mins is the limit for SD video. 720p HD video is only up to 5 minutes per clip.

    @Ricardo: Now you’re talking about pro stuff. If that’s what filmmakers want then sure, just don’t count on the handling and the audio :-P.

  • Sassy

    Two thumbs up, guys. Keep doing what you’re doing. Who knows where it may lead!

  • chris

    in russia, software buys you.