Beautiful Compilation of Timelapse Clips by Mike Flores

This is a stunning montage of timelapse clips created by Mike Flores during the past year. Many of the scenes are layered beautifully, with the desert in the foreground, clouds whizzing across the sky, and the universe spinning brightly in the background.

Shots in which the camera moves were created using two custom track and dolly systems that Flores created using off-the-shelf parts. The photographs were made with a Canon 5D Mark II with three lenses: the 16-35mm f2.8 II, 14mm f2.8 II, and 24mm f1.4 II. The music in the background is from the movie Inception.

  • Venus Is Nt Doomd

    Woaahhhh….that was beautiful.

  • Anonymous


  • Glol

    This music sucks. The images are beautiful.

  • greenecam

    Agreed. The music is much too dramatic for this. But the video itself is incredible.

  • Gray Powell

    Anyone know more about the process of how this is done?
    Are they just sequential long exposure shots that are then blended together in post processing?

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