Nikon D7000 DSLR Photos Leaked

What appear to be legitimate photos of the soon-to-be-announced Nikon D7000 DSLR were leaked onto the web today. The camera is expected to replace the D90, occupying a midrange DX sensor spot a step above the recently announced Nikon D3100. The official announcement for this camera, some new lenses, and a new Speedlight flash are expected to come at midnight tonight. Stay tuned.

Notice anything interesting in these photos?

(via Nikon Rumors)

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  • Michael

    What’s with the small letters on the left dial? S, C1…?

  • Michael

    What’s with the small letters on the left dial? S, C1…?

  • Ecolemanit

    Looks like the Card door is large enough for CF? Also, maybe that’s an audio IN port under that rubber cover?

  • Anonymous

    what’s supposed to be interesting about these photos?

  • Ecolemanit

    Shooting modes (burst speeds..etc). Single, continuous low, continuous high.

  • Eric

    It’s actually S, CL, CH, which stands for Single Shot, Continuous Low, Continuous High. It basically controls the framerate and AF-tracking modes without going into the menus.

  • YJawhar

    Video!? The LCD screen on top?!

  • t0eJaM

    S= Single
    C1 and C2 = Continuous

  • lakmuse

    You’re meaning S, CL, CH? Those are for single shot, continuous low and high.

  • Bernard Lieberman

    HDMI and A/V Output? And is the small red button with lock-release supposed to be record (i.e. HD Video?) [button above and to the right of the screen]

  • Richard Haber

    I’m a Canon shooter, so not familiar with Nikon hotshoes, but what’s that blocking the contacts?

  • Bernard Lieberman

    It looks like a simple hotshoe cover:

    But who knows! It could be anything.

  • johnbachel

    Looks like the LCD is fixed in place.

  • Raid111

    yet another prosumer camera from Nikon WHO CARES !

  • Jbarden

    Actually I think the letters on the dial say U1 and U2 as in User Defined Settings 1 & 2 like Canon does with the C1, C2 etc….

  • Jazziphoto

    You did, enough to read and comment on it.

  • Photography

    if it has C1 and C2 that might stand for CUSTOM 1 and CUSTOM 2 for shooting settings

  • Photography

    if it has C1 and C2 that might stand for CUSTOM 1 and CUSTOM 2 for shooting settings

  • Richard Haber

    OK, Canon shooter to the back of the room…

  • Anonymous

    What’s kind of interesting is that wheel isn’t on typical lower models of Nikons. You’ll see it on the D300 and up.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting. With those features, this almost fills the gap between the D90 and the D200/300 model, pulling features from both.

  • Shuteru

    Check out the strap loops …. solid metal similar to the Pro-level bodies (D300+)

    Any word on what body this camera will have? I doubt Nikon would attach metal loops on a Polycarb body …. could it possibly be a Metal body ? or at least reinforced areas for the loops ?

  • Shuteru

    Also in the Mode Dial along with PSAM, etc we have U1 and U2 …. User Configurable Scene modes?

  • Shuteru

    whoops, didn’t see jbarden’s post above

  • Shuteru

    Looks like a dedicated Live View [Lv] switch with center Record button indeed

  • Shuteru

    Magnesium Alloy body and pro-level weather proofing per NikonRumors. nice.

  • Mickey

    No, it has Cl, Ch below, on the shooting mode wheel.
    JBarden is talking about the top program modes.

    They do look a little like “V1″ “V2″, as in video modes.

  • Veronica

    how much do you think it is going to be?

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  • Mickey

    Edit: it’s U1, U2 as stated on their site

    “New U1 and U2 settings on the mode dial allow users to assign frequently used settings, including ISO sensitivity and exposure compensation, to these positions for instant recall of the registered settings by simply rotating the mode dial”

  • Vincois

    The LV (Live View) is integrated into the video record button/lever. The CL and CH which is Continuous Shutter Low speed (Usually 3fps) and Continuous High Speed Shutter which depending upon the specs could be 5fps and up. I can’t read the writing on the lower rubber door. But that area is bigger then the D90.

  • Efrain Kingz

    WOW i got a D5000 last year and a D90 this year, DIDNT SEE THIS ONE COMMING OR I WOULD’VE WAIT! =O

  • Working Coupons

    I’ve just pre-ordered the D7000 from for just 1199$ and free shipping.
    I’m so excited !! this should be like the best camera ever – rich camera incorporates a 16.2Mp CMOS sensor, faster ‘Expeed 2′-branded processor, 921k dot 3.0″ LCD and can record 1080p full HD movies, WOW !!