Want an Ostrich Skin Camera? There’s a Leica for That!

Leave it to Leica to come up with funky ideas for limited edition cameras. After recently releasing a special edition “Le Mans” X1 with what appeared to be a simple sticker added to an otherwise standard camera, Leica is turning to exotic leathers. They’re releasing a limited edition X1 in Japan with black embossed ostrich skin. Only 80 of these cameras will be produced, and the skin bumps the price of the X1 from $1,995 up to $2,400. That is some expensive bird skin.

Apparently this isn’t the first time Leica has turned to the ostrich to make limited edition bodies — they did the same with the M6, and you can find ostrich-skinned M6 cameras floating around for sale on the web.

If you remember, the X1 is the camera that became the first compact to make it onto Getty’s approved cameras list.

(via Leica Rumors)

  • Alan

    Embossed ostrich skin means it is not really ostrich skin

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  • Plevyadophy

    This is a total scam for pompous fools. Added to which, depending on how Leica advertise this in the European Union, it may well be illegal. Why? Well, if they ever claim it to be Ostrich skin when it it isn’t that would breech trades/product description laws. It is my understanding, that in responding to a protest from that extremist view whining organisation called PETA, Leica made a statement saying that the covering isn’t acutally Ostrich skin at all.
    So if you are not buying the real thing, why would anyone want to buy this thing in the first place?!!! It beats me. It seems Leica have a great marketing jinx over far too many people for if they sold horse manure covered cameras they could price it at €30K and some folks would still buy it (especially if Leica claimed that the manure was of a limited edition :0) )

    Regards all,

    And Happy New Year to you all

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  • Ted Marlow

    that doesnt look at all like ostritch skin.  where are the quill marks
    looks like imitation elephant.