Sara Bareilles Music Video Features Polaroids and Contact Sheets

The music video for Sara Bareilles’ song “King of Anything” has everything contained in Polaroids and contact sheets. The concept is pretty neat. Can you imagine how mind-boggling this video would have been if they had done it in stop-motion with individual Polaroid photos and carefully exposed film strips? That’d be epic.

P.S. Here’s an example of epic contact sheet art from last month.

  • mcjomo

    It looks like actual video with contact sheet/polaroid borders as frames.
    If they where real Polaroids/contact sheets I think there would be more of a flickering/stop-motion effect.
    I think the video would be more powerful if real polaroids where used.

  • softlad

    ‘blocked in your country’ Bollocks.

  • Michael Zhang

    Which country?

  • rwanderman

    It really works quite well, excellent use of frames and borders, well edited and it’s beautifully produced.

  • Marc

    Blocked here as well, NL. Strange..