Blank Nikon D7000 Pages Confirm that Announcement is Near

Here’s just a fun tidbit to chew on while we wait for the official Nikon D7000 announcement: Nikon Rumors discovered today that the Nikon sites of certain European countries (e.g. Germany, Poland, and Italy) have already put up placeholder pages for the upcoming camera. There are no links to these pages, but they can be accessed by using “d7000″ in the URL.

These pages are distinctly different than the error pages (404) you get for a nonexistent page. Here’s what you get if you change the “d7000″ to a “d7001″:

The Nikon D7000 is expected to replace the D90 and be a magnesium-alloy 16.2 megapixel DSLR with HD video recording capabilities. It should be announced on September 15th, or next Wednesday.

  • Brett

    Maybe Nikon will give 24p some faster friends.

  • Andreas Puhl

    Who are the people that find something like that? Lurking on the Nikon Page for days upon days entering URLs to see of there are any placeholders..

  • Hanszmansz

    You read it and comment on it :)

  • Hanszmansz

    You read it and comment on it :)

  • Arvind Bhatt

    hahahahha well said. :)
    Its 2 days to go, m waiting too