Helmet Cam Footage Becomes Dude’s Memory of Crazy Accident

Imagine you snap out of unconsciousness and realize you’ve been in a pretty serious accident. You have no memory of what happened, but luckily you were wearing a motorcycle camera that was filming your ride. That’s exactly what happened to a guy in Kashmir recently. The 51 second video above sent chills down his spine when he first watched it after the accident. The footage became the memory he lost in an accident in which he miraculously only suffered a broken leg. Don’t worry, the video isn’t graphic — just jaw-dropping.

  • s0l1dsnak3123

    Very, very scary to watch.

  • iKlsR

    very scary… my heart like gripped up on me

  • Martin English

    I was watching, waiting, thinking this guy is driving absolutely correctly for this environment. As he slowed down behind his friend, I was wondering what’s going to happen ….

    Completely out of nowhere, absolutely nowhere he could have gone – quite literally a sitting target.

    A good lesson for all riders – danger quite literally lurks everywhere.

  • GlossGreen

    Saddest thing about that is that he was doing everything right. But sometimes that’s not enough. At least he didn’t get seriously hurt.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Wow, that made me have the adrenalin pumping…

  • Dr Shimo_hass

    oh my god :'(

  • Trinafzs

    Wow – I took a deep breath at that! No means of escape at all!

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