New 35mm Vivitar Camera Targets Really, Really Old People

This is either marketing at its best or worst. Vivitar has a new site and infomercial for a plastic 35mm film camera for $10. Who would buy such a thing? Probably really, really old people who aren’t reading this blog.

Check out the mind-boggling infomercial:

The new camera has some groundbreaking features that Vivitar seems to be super excited about. The camera shoots onto film, helps you make real photos, allows you to avoid using confusing technology, includes a built-in flash, uses a single push of a button, and has automatic film advance and autofocus. Wow!

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s another little image showing why this new camera is better:

Amazing! Welcome to the future.

(via Photojojo)

  • Mary Harmsworth

    They forgot to mention the waiting for the film to develop, in rural areas that could be up to a week and really old people would be dead by then.

  • Rich

    Is that a Canon AE-1 motor drive noise, or is it just me? I’m sure it is. Really sure.

  • Curtis

    Or, you know, you could just bring in your memory card to Wal-Mart and get them printed there. No “confusing” wires required.

    Also, pretty incredible how they managed to place the Vivitar camera’s flash inside the logo (see 0:19 seconds in)

  • Michael Zhang

    Ooh. Good catch! I didn’t see that the logo on the front doubled as a secret flash.

  • Mike

    And, you get not one… But TWO for the price of ONE! Amazing! [Just pay extra shipping and handling.] ;)

  • Rob Goldstein

    The best way to solve the confusion of digital photography is to hire a photographer to travel with you.

  • bozie

    No pesky manual winding?! A built in flash?! No wires to get tangled up?! You simply drop it off at any 1 hour photo and I’m done?!?!?!? O M F G Where can I get it?!?!?!?!

  • Me

    This camera is probably worth appx. $4, new, retail. They’ve licensed the Vivitar name for this thing, an easy enough transaction, and they’re charging $10, and then lending the impression that buyers are getting and add’l camera for free, when in fact they must pay an add’l and separate $6.99 S&H for the “free” camera. So, that’s a $4 camera you could get at a dollar store near you, sold for $16.99 for the first one, $6.99 for the second one.

  • Chung Dha Lam

    Get a polaroid then

  • Ben

    Funny no one’s mentioned the terrible copy. Was it outsourced, do you think, or is this what American literacy has come to?

  • Eddiesmithphoto

    hey i still shoot film (6×6 645 and 35mm rangefinder – as a matter of fact I’ve shot more film in the last 2 weeks than digital) in addition to my digital (shoot polaroid for fun occasionally too) and I read this blog daily
    I do however qualify as old though
    wouldn’t buy this piece of crap though

  • Christian Ide

    Funny that everyone holds the camera like a digital camera without a viewfinder. But you can’t see what you photograph…

  • butch

    My uncle got me into photography with “my very own” half-frame” $1 camera just a bit over 60 years ago. Some of my most valued “memories” were captured with that camera. The “machine” was infected with the “photography virus” and it found fertile ground in my young body and I never recovered. There is a place in the world for junk cameras.

  • Christopher

    I’m not sure they did license the name. Sakar bought “Vivitar” when they went bankrupt in 2008 and has been using the name for marketing, but I don’t see any notices on the site that the name was used with permission and there’s no registered trademark symbol beside the name.

  • Anonymous

    Well. I’ve gotta admit there’s a point about this. The overall quality of photo printing services from digital images suck pretty bad. And it is very convenient to just drop off a 35mm film bucket.

    So what?

  • Lewista

    It’s April first right?

  • QuBe

    And simply slide the photos into your computer’s DVD tray to e-mail them to friends and family. What could be easier…”

    Seriously though, this will sell.
    I have enough older clients who find computers / digicams to be a form of torture, and would welcome the return to the days of 5×7 prints.