Fujifilm Vending Machine in Japan

Check out this Fujifilm vending machine found in Japan by Lee Miller of The Other East. The thing sells 35mm and APS film, as well as disposable camera for snagging memories on the go.

Have you seen any of these things outside of Japan?

Image credit: Photograph by Lee Miller and used with permission

  • Napalm Photo

    Almost everything is in vending machines in Japan, including beer.

  • Brett

    I would love one of these nearby.

  • NayMarie

    This is cool, but agree (from what i heard) everything in Japan is available through vending machines lol

  • Randy Ajax

    I am climbing mt Fuji this weekend, and was wondering if there are vending machines accessible outside the huts along the way up. I realize they may be expensive, but I would rather buy my drinks on the way up.