iPhone 4 Skinned to Look Like a Leica M9

Flickr user joey_joey_joey wanted to customize his iPhone 4 in a unique way, so he decided to make it look like a Leica M9. This is one of the neatest looking cell phones I’ve seen.

To make the stickers for the front and back, Joey took a stock photograph of an M9, and modified it in Photoshop to fit the dimensions of the iPhone 4.

It’s pretty neat how the actual camera and flash on the phone fit into the sticker design.

If this was something for sale, would you buy it?

Update: You can buy PetaPixel’s custom version of this skin for your iPhone here.

Image credit: Photographs by by joey_joey_joey and used with permission

  • Fenriq

    Simply brilliant and beautifully done!

  • Alex Newbury

    That’s pretty badass.

  • photogeek

    would. totally. buy. WANT.

  • Andronicus Riyono

    If this was something for sale, would this be a copyright infringement?

  • Deej

    If it isn’t for sale, I will eventually make it myself. Beautiful.

  • Adeline

    I wouldn’t buy it… I WANT TO BUY IT.
    It’s gorgeous!!!!!

  • MrDAT

    No, I wouldn’t.

  • Rick

    He should have added a hazy, out of focus reflection of a person in the lens. That way when you hold it up to someone to take their picture, the trompe l’oeil is complete.

  • Anonymous

    he should set up an Etsy page. hellz yeah.

  • bythewei

    a definite yes.

  • Erik Neves

    If he paid the specific rights on the stock photo agency for distribution, I don’t think he would be infringing copyrights. And if he’s found to be, the stock agency would cover his behind.

    BTW, I’m not a lawyer—I just play one on the internet.

  • Gruntie

    Is there a comma before or after the 4 in your head line?

  • iPhone 4

    I have got to get that!

  • Moayad H

    I want one! :)

  • Bygbaby

    Joey is kick ass!

  • QuBe

    But with the iPhone already the darling of thieves, this sorta shifts it towards the ‘mug you in broad daylight’ realm. :D

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  • lionstan

    I want one, too!!!!

  • Guest


  • Jason Collin Photography

    I clicked on the post actually hoping the M9 case/skin WOULD be available to purchase right now and hopefully for under $30.

    Well done.

  • Jthlam

    DEFINITELY buy it.

  • Prettym1k3

    I would totally buy this!

  • Fotorican

    Totally ! How do I get one ?

  • Paul R. Giunta

    Joey is a genius!

    Of course I would buy one!

  • Anonymous

    yes I would buy!

  • Anonymous

    yes i would buy!

  • Anonymous

    I would buy in a heartbeat!

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  • Toni Westerhof

    yes i would buy!

  • Toni Westerhof

    yes i would buy!

  • Nobodycares123

    It’s not copyright infringement if he took the photograph. However, it is trademark infringement if Leica did not authorize this use of its logo.

  • guest659

    if you take your own photograph – it’s yours to use so long as it’s personal use only. so you can’t resell a bunch of them, but you can def go to a website like and upload it to their customizer and voila – you have your own skin!

  • Michael LeGrand

    I made my own Leica skin @skinit case i’m a nerd like that

  • Abhimanyu Chirimar

    I would buy this in a heartbeat!

  • Tara Bradford

    It looks good, but seems like trademark infringement. Does he have Leica’s permission to use it and/or sell the image?

  • Paul_the_photog

    List it on eBay and it will fly!

  • Habib

    yea, but think of how stupid you would look talking on that

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  • Waynegz1

    This is sooo sweet. too bad my upgrade isnt until next year. anything for iPhone 3GS

  • Waynegz1

    This is sooo sweet. too bad my upgrade isnt until next year. anything for iPhone 3GS

  • Max Berkowitz I MAXSiPHOTOS

    On my WISHLIST! My credit card # is 5822-1234-5678-007 send it to:

  • Stijn

    They also sell in on Looks pretty nice :)

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