Introducing the Photographers Rights Gray Card Set

We here at PetaPixel are pleased to announce the new Photographers Rights Gray Card Set, a nifty accessory that can help you remember your rights and educate others if you’re ever confronted while shooting.

The set includes three durable white balance cards connected to a lanyard with a detachable clip. 10 guidelines for photography are printed onto the back of the gray and white cards:

The front sides are blank, allowing them to be used like any other white balancing cards:

If you’d like to carry along the same rules printed on our gray cards without purchasing the cards themselves, feel free to print them out!

The cards are designed to be worn around the neck when out shooting for quick access whenever you need them for either white balancing or legal guidelines.

The Photographers Rights Gray Card Set is only available to US-residents (for now). It’s priced at $15 with free shipping in our brand spankin’ new store. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

To kick things off, we’re giving away three (3) Gray Card Sets. All you have to do is either leave a comment, or tweet this link: We’ll randomly pick the winners on Friday, August 27. US residents only, sorry.

Update: The cards are now available to residents of Canada and the UK as well!

  • Dhern79


  • Zak Nyberg

    I have never been hassled, but I think it would be kind of fun, especially if I had some of those “Rights Cards”!

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  • JM

    Always good to have gray cards.

  • GlossGreen

    The idea of these cards is great. Love the white balancing aspect as well as the rights listed as well. Win or not, I plan on getting a set of these.

  • KenVP

    As an emergency services / press photographer i think this is a GREAT well designed idea. i CAN NOT tell you how often people need to be explained the rights of photographers. GREAT WORK by your design team.

    Ken Van Pelt – NewJerseyFire.Com

  • hito

    Erf.. us only…

  • Marc Dalio

    great idea – very handy

  • Bucket772

    Great idea! White balance cards are awesome and to have some basic photographers rights on the back? Genius. I see people shooting kids soccer games with point and shoot cameras and nothing is said. I bring out a DSLR and a white lens and all of a sudden “I” am the creep. Hope it helps a few out of a jamb

  • Ryan doyle

    Blast!!! I JUST bought a grey card set just like this!!!!

    But with the rights printed….this is so much cooler…..

  • Scottykphoto

    Great idea. It would be very helpful to be able to recite my rights rather than just telling people.

  • Ellen

    great idea. I didn’t know most of that stuff!

  • Jeff Mahoney

    Perfect. Every photographer needs these.

  • Anne T.

    I like that it doubles as balance cards :)

  • Slightlynorth

    This is a great idea!

  • Erin K

    Nice…I always lose the piece of paper I printout. these are much harder to lose, since its something one uses!

  • PhotoG

    Want One!

  • PhotoG

    Want One!

  • Dave

    Great idea!

  • Anonymous

    This is super-cool.

  • Alec Myszka

    I’ve pretty much used auto white balance the entire time. And I don’t know any of my rights.

  • @jearle

    As much as I want them in the UK, I’d prefer them to have UK laws on them instead of American ones.

  • Isaiah

    I know this would take some work but I would love for you guys to make something like “photographers guide to the world” that could give a picture of worldwide photographic rights.

  • M4GNUS


  • Pwnguins

    Hey, I’m in the US! *cough* letmewin *cough*
    But seriously, those are pretty cool.

  • KidKouhel

    I will love to use this when I go out and see someone doing something cool! Haha(: Idk! :D

  • CmraLvr2


  • Splons

    Great idea – thanks!

  • Apdomke

    This is a great idea for every photographer

  • Jayyaj

    Excellent idea, definitely want!

  • McKay

    Awesome. I’m not a professional, but this does seem quite handy.

  • Robert Lewis

    I have wanted one of these since I first saw them a few months back in another article. Not sure if they were produced by petapixel or by the photographer who wrote the article, but DO WANT!

  • Kyle de la Cruz

    great product!

  • wordspixgal

    Great idea! I love the fact that it does two jobs with something small and light too.

  • Ian

    Very cool idea. One of those, “Why didn’t I think of that!?!” items.

  • Dugm2

    Hopefully, with these in hand, I won’t get held in the back of a sheriffs car as they check my credentials scouting a lake location again.

  • mmhnto

    Great product. I’m not a pro either, but I like having the rights handy.

  • MATT

    I have a dingy, folded up piece of paper that is begging to be replaced. This is definitely a great tool….love the convergence of legal cheat sheet and white balance cards! On my wishlist.

  • Ajp

    A UK version of the wording is available here – print your own

  • MATT

    I have a dingy, folded up piece of paper that is begging to be replaced. This is definitely a great tool….love the convergence of legal cheat sheet and white balance cards! On my wishlist.

  • Ajp

    A UK version of the wording is available here

  • Wellrested

    Very excellent! I’ve carried essentially the same info whenever I’m shooting in public for years, but having them look all professional really could make a difference (sadly), not to mention some nice WB cards.

  • Cece_unco

    What a great thing to have

  • digizen

    Great idea and execution!

  • digizen

    Great idea and execution!

  • Rotinom

    Definitely going to purchase this…

  • Perihelion75

    Brilliant idea. I travel quite a bit domestically and overseas and have been accosted many a time I have aimed my DSLR at some monument….

  • Will

    pick me please!

  • Jinp6301


  • Vasymolo

    Brilliant idea! I have already had cops give me the death stare for showing a camera while they worked. I suspect, however, that a plastic card will not fend off a baton.