Hilarious Parody of Photo Enhancing in Movies and TV Shows

A while back we shared a video in a post titled “The Cliche of Enhancing Images in Movies” that compiled clips from movies and TV shows in which “photo experts” did absurd and impossible “enhancements” to photos and videos in order to solve mysteries. The above clip from British sitcom Red Dwarf pokes fun at this cliche, and takes it to the extreme. Enjoy.

  • Kim

    HA! Niiiiice!

  • Anonymous

    My wife made me leave the room when she used to watch that show “Las Vegas” because I would yell “BULLS**T!” every time they used the reflection & enhance technique. (Every episode). :)

  • Matt

    I’m not a Red Dwarf fan (or British humor for the most part), but this was kind of funny.

  • Andy Booth

    Why no canned laughter??

  • AndrĂ© Hedetoft

    Fun to see my old vfx work featured ;)