Soccer Club Bans Photographers, Newspaper Uses Cartoonist Instead

English soccer (football) club Southampton F.C. revealed a plan last week to deny press accreditation for photojournalists this season, and instead to force publications to purchase photographs from a single approved source, a photo agency called The Digital South.

Needless to say, this didn’t go over well with newspapers, and one in particular — The Plymouth Herald — came up with a creative way to protest the decision. Rather than purchase approved photographs, they commissioned city historian Chris Robinson to cover a recent match with Argyle using cartoons (reminds us of a criminal trial).

The key moments captured by Robinson (by hand) include the game winning goal by Luke Summerfield:

The Sun also decided to protest the ban in their own unique way: by reporting on the match without once mentioning Southampton or its players.

In addition to newspapers protesting the clubs decision, Southampton F.C. has run into an even bigger hindrance: The Digital South itself has refused to sign the deal, disagreeing with the ban.

(via Deadspin)

Image credits: Cartoons by Chris Robinson for The Plymouth Herald

  • John Bills

    The Herald and other newspapers should be congratulated for taking a united stance against Southhampton's daft decisions.
    Hopefully, freedom of the press will prevail.
    Good to hear that Digital South has refused to sign the agreement also – good work fellas.
    This sort of thing is getting more and more common. Increasingly, more agencies are taking over what used to be the territory of newspapers because the companies that control these rags have squeed them so much that it works out cheaper for them to simply buy the photos at between £75-250 a pop than hire a snapper of their own.
    It's only going to get worse unless we stand together and remain firm…

  • Ranger9

    Nice drawings! I'd actually enjoy seeing more of this sort of thing to help capture the flavor of sporting events, although ideally as a complement to game photos rather than a replacement.

  • Manuello Paganelli

    Just say no to bad deals loud and clear and stand UNITED!! IF one shooter says no, then nobody will listen but when you get 10, 40, 100 and 1,000 voices then they will get our attention.
    That is the only way to stop the raping of our talent and experience. A photo use is a photo pay for and they better star treating us and paying us better.
    Manuello Paganelli
    Los Angeles California

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