Flamethrower Versus Fire Extinguisher at 1000 Frames per Second

Lets say you had an uber-expensive Phantom slow motion camera, a flamethrower, and a fire extinguisher at your disposal. What would you do?

Well… probably this!

This is official music video for the song Ritalin by Dancing Pigeons. It was shot on a Phantom camera at 1000 frames per second.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • xan

    ME TOO ME TOO don’t worry! :D I was waiting for lily and james to pop out and be like, you can do it!!!! We <3 you even though you need braces! hahaha <3

  • Tcountie

    Dude, you’re fucking stupid.

  • Sterhill

    very creative! and very well done!!! THANKS!

  • Mediabeing

    Come on, folks! That footage was only SO SO. Quit calling things that are mediocre ‘great’. This was a real let down. We wanted a clear winner and a good solid finish.
    Much too much time spent in video that had no punch line.

  • Yeahright

    pretty is rather overrated. it’s nice to see some non-dime-a-dozen faces.

  • Joey Dye

    wait… so, who won?

  • mat

    i loves me some rednecks.
    also, awesome video

  • Smitty

    CG / Compositing of Original Footage, flame is unconvincing as it reaches further and further

  • buntface

    because they are gonna put a human in front of a real flame weapon…….. morons its effects with practical elements..

  • Covarr

    Wish there was a fullspeed version of this video, too, for comparison.

  • Lulpsh.

    Yeah but they don’t have to be so disgustingly ugly as those guys were. >>

  • Beartraps

    How many Phantom cameras did they have? There were at least three different angles being used in slow mo…?

  • Emmx0xilyy

    as i watched this i found myself waiting for something awesome. and here i am, still waiting. that had the potential to be AWESOME but fell short. oh well. and HOLY COW those are the ugliest mo-fo’s i have ever see LOL

  • Pat

    Those guys made the video!

  • jasmine

    shut the hell up, emily.

  • Presenceinthedark

    Hahahaha. Ya know, its almost good to know that there are still people like you in the world, because even though I would be more comfortable knowing you will never breed, its nice to meet people like you every once in a while to remind myself that I have superior intelligence. Also, shallow people are funny to have drinking competitions with, because they always lose.

  • video sucks

    90% of that video was their two faces. i watched that for about 10 seconds of actual flame on extinguisher action. waste of a good opportunity.

  • thekingof7

    this was incredibly anti climactic, also the music was incredibly boring, I kept wating for some small spark of creativity to pop out at me from this “creation” but the video position indicator kept on its track towards beautiful silence.

  • Shariffstewie

    I thought the song was great and the video was great too. the guys made the video. if it were anyone else it wouldn’t seem as real. I agree that the video could have been something more but you can’t have it all. I wish people could just appreciate things without pointing out all of its flaws.

  • Anonymous

    No, they were Amazing?

  • Pashpotter

    This is fucking brilliant.

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  • Dracosphinx

    I believe that there could have been a story behind this. The old man and Hillbilly 1 are looking for Hillbilly 2. Hillbilly 2 knows that Hillbilly 1 has a flame thrower, so he goes out and buys a fire extinguisher. Oldman and H1 finally track down H2. H2 gets out of his beat up old car with his hidden extinguisher. H1 and Oldman expect an easy kill, as it is dark and they cannot see much. H1 starts his flamethrower. H2 starts his extinguisher as soon as the flames reach a point at which they could not burn him, but was within the reach of his extinguisher. The conflict lasts for about a minute to a minute and 30 seconds. H2 is clearly the victor as he was the smarter of the two.

  • Torquey

    OUTSTANDING! Not just a great idea visually and technically but it matches the mood of the music quite well. I can easily imagine a “Hatfields vs. the McCoys” storyline behind the video, the ol’ man in the truck loaned Junior his old flamethrower from The War so he could go defend the family honor…a story behind the story as it were….good stuff!

  • suzycreamcheese

    i personally thought the ugly faces were fucking awesome.

  • Thewangman

    The video was pretty anticlimactic if you ask me. Get closer together pussies so I can see a real reaction between the fire and the extinguisher.

  • T.C

    Why does everyone have such nice teeth?

  • matt

    ya id like u to be the guy with the fire extinguisher if shit went wrong and then dying, i think it was a good video

  • ekdikeo

    Also no way that either of those devices have a range that far .. maybe half that.

  • Farting

    Yes. They was.

  • ME!

    Me me mememememe ME mememememmememememememeIpersonallymememememememeIbelieve memememememememeMEMEMEMEMEME….ME!memememememememememe….

  • Blablablabalbalb

    actually, the flamethrower would have a range that far – and more. The fire extinguisher would have a range of about 5-6 ft. The reaction between the two would not have been like the video, however. The flamethrower works by flinging a flaming, jelly-like liquid out, which would have blasted right through the cloud of CO2 and completely burned the snot out of anyone who dared to go head to head with a flamethrower.

    Still one awesome video, though.

  • The Mingler

    I think the faces add on to the craziness and intensity of the video

  • The sass master

    Jeez. Get over the faces. Too many comments saying the same thing

  • MyName

    Boring? YES

  • Zak Henry

    Non-flammable is what you are looking for

  • Jonc

    Extinguisher wins because his goal was probably to stay alive, throwers goal was more than likely to kill the other guy.

  • Your God.

    Could’ve been epic but failed.

  • totoro

    If I had an uber-expensive Phantom slow motion camera, a flamethrower, and a fire extinguisher at your disposal, I would seell em all and get braces.

  • Mkelly93

    Possibly the ugliest men I’ve seen in my entire life.

  • Mkelly93

    Possibly the ugliest men I’ve seen in my entire life.

  • Bradley

    The song is almost as good as the video, who is it?

  • Sachin

    Man..disappointing video,….i wish they had jus focused on the fire and extinguisher than on those 2 ugly buggers…its reallly not cool to watch 2 dudes,making an ugly face in slow motion….FAIL!!!

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  • Stick_it_in_hard42

    music video… dont you get it you fucking moron. No punch line music video.
    It was a great music video with some very innovative use of a very expensive camera, not CG. & no this is not a real competition between a flame thrower & a C02 extinguisher, its a music video, no winner or loser, its pure eye candy, ugly guys & all.
    If you dont get it, it only proves that your really fuckin stupid. Thats all.

  • Stick_it_in_hard42

    The shoot could have been entirely done with one camera & multiple takes. This would be the most likely case scenario.

  • Stick_it_in_hard42

    The unfortunate reality is that were dealing with an art form both in the music & the video. Those who criticize the work wouldn’t have a creative bone in their miserable bodies. The whole thing showed a great deal of artistic merit right down to the guys faces & their expressions. The creatives & the production team did a good job.

  • Stick_it_in_hard42

    The video is not about the flame thrower or the fire extinguisher you un cultured cretin.
    what you were watching is a music video, not a competition or an experiment, its an art form called entertainment. The faces are a part of the story which are a part of the music which are a part of the whole dammed video. You cant see that? The majority of people on here are obviously dumb ass little kiddies with no fuckin idea. Nice video, but a site filled with moaning un cultured shit bags.

  • Et

    What came to mind?
    “…which, like powder and fire, as they kiss, consume.”

  • JH

    Phantom HD Gold supplied by John Hadfield at GreenDoorFilms

    For some high speed fun try out:
    The Slow Mo Guys